Good work happens when you engage deeply in a task. For this, you need to be focused, fit and organized. And for good work to last and to become great eventually, motivation and fulfillment have to join in.


Unfortunately, most workplaces don’t pay enough attention to the talents, needs and limitations of their employees and thereby neglect their potential for productivity and fulfillment. But great work is human-centered. Respecting the framework of our capabilities and managing our tasks and energies accordingly, increases productivity and the value of work on every level in a company.


To achieve this, Berlin Alley shows you how to

activate the interaction between productivity and well-being and create engagement

Engagement is key. Research has shown that employees who are happy at work are more productive and contribute much more to the success of the company. Neglecting the potentials of this connection and ignoring all the experience and research that show us how to activate it would be more than waste. Berlin Alley has assessed all that knowledge about fulfilling productivity and will share it with you.

detect and avoid mechanisms that work against productivity

There are so many things that hamper productivity. Most of them we do not acknowledge as problems. One the one hand, that is because we don’t notice them (f.e. too much action and not enough time to reflect), on the other hand because we rationalize them as being necessary or even beneficial for us (f.e. trying to fit in too many things). Berlin Alley assists you in detecting those issues and gives you methods at hand to avoid them in your work.

get rid of negative routines and develop positive ones

We need routines and habits. They help us getting things done without having to think a lot. Then again, many habits also narrow our perspective, delay work or secretly deplete our energies. Berlin Alley shows you how to get rid of bad habits and develop routines that make our work day much easier.

deal with distraction and procrastination to gain focus

The attention industry we are living in creates a culture of distration. In addition to that, most of us a prone to putting things off. Both combined has devastating effect on our abilites to focus, to experience, to learn and to get things done at all. Berlin Alley provides you with practical advice to work against distraction and procrastination.

organize your work and remove cognitive load

Having too much on your mind can slow it down tremendously to the point of stopping progress completely. But as David Allen says: “Your mind is for having ideas, not for holding them.” Following his approach we show you how to unload your mind by organizing your work better.

increase your mental and physical fitness and get rid of stress

In the end, most problems can be solved by managing your energies: on a mental level – how to schedule, how to focus, how to think – or on a physical one – how to rest, how to sleep, what to eat. By answering these and related questions, fitness will increase and stress will vanish, eventually.

For more details, please take a look at our workshop or kindly contact us. We are happy to help.


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