We need people to think ahead and around the corner, who can afford to be curious, who see things out in the world and are confident in their experiences – experiences that they can bring to work. As Google and AT&T have demonstrated being confident in one’s ideas and taking initiative is a far better indicator for performance than stellar academical records.


Still, most systems of work make people numb or stressed or lazy minded, because they limit what we are and what we could be. However, enabling employees to be proactive: to be alert, resourceful and confident, is perfectly possible today. To help you achieve this, Berlin Alley offers workshops on Proactive Thinking. Once established, it helps you to …

simplify management by having employees who love to think about solutions

Smooth management just tell what to do and the employees figure out the how. Being resourceful, alert and motivated are prime qualities of a proactive employee who will actively come up with improvements and new ideas and find solutions independently. Enabling people to be proactive increases their engagement and give more time to the management – for the things that matter.

reduce stress and remove tedium by enabling employees to tweak their routines

Sometimes, things get stressed or boring at work. Clever ways to find relieve or to challenge yourself by stepping out of a treadmill is an enormous plus. Apart from introducing you to methods to remove stress and improve productivity, Berlin Alley shows you how to enable the right mindset and appyling creative hacks.

avoid distration and increase focus and awareness

Attentiveness as well as awareness are rare skills these days. We have all fallen prey to the attention industry, developing symptoms that resemble ADHD. Berlin Alley teaches you how to train your willpower, overcome digital amnesia and regain your attention and awareness – to solve problems efficiently, creatively and with satisfaction.

listen early to trends and troubles

A future oriented company should not neglect the innovative potential of its workforce. For working mechanically, there are machines. For thinking ahead and around the corner, for spotting trends, detecting problems and looking out for each other, we need every single one in a company.

establish a culture of innovation, open-mindedness and trust

Research shows that a positive culture positively correlates with sales, employee and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we bring management and employees closer together. Authority comes with the courage and the responsibility we assume our roles with. Our workshops give managers and employees advice to work towards a culture characterised by trust, innovation and well-being.

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