Benjamin Dageroth

Entrepreneur, creative thinker and product owner. He founded several startups, worked on many products at Webtrekk and likes nothing more than to come up with new ways to do things.

Stephan Pfob

Philosopher, presenter and worker in various fields – from business to education to comedy. For twenty years now he has focused on two things: on getting it and getting it across.

Tanja Hentschel

Tanja is an assistant professor for Organizational Behavior with research on leadership and management, stereotypes and diversity.

Janett Triskiel

Experienced instructor and psychologist with research on emotions, ethics and irrationality. She is keen on making people work together and avoid the pitfalls of the mind.

Boaz Balachsan

Boaz is an art director, project manager and designer from Israel, well versed in community development and now engaged with the theory and practice of interactive art.

Stefan Schüssler

World traveller, startup enthusiast and product manager at heart. Having managed teams in various countries, he knows about the values of diversity and the impact of a great idea.