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Decisions are hard to make. They are fraught with uncertainty and systematic thinking errors – often with dramatic consequences. Not only are these issues and their underlying mechanisms highly resilient, mostly they are also invisible for us.


To challenge these mechanisms and make well-balanced decisions Berlin Alley helps you to …

understand the psychology and hidden mechanisms of decisions

Decisions are influenced by a multitude of factors: by our experience, new information, biases, individual perspectives, the form of presentation, preferences, logical thinking, intuitions, our willpower and many more. In a crucial way, these factors are ruled by psychological mechanisms which, mostly, remain invisible. Berlin Alley will explain their workings und show you how to put them to good use.

avoid systematic decision errors & improve your intuitive heuristics

Cognitive Biases are intuitive rules of thumb that cause systematic thinking mistakes. They lead to overconfidence, staying on a sinking ship, orientation on wrong scales, misjudging probabilities, misinterpreting statistics and many more. Berlin Alley has assembled all biases relevant for decisions und provides you with methods to redesign your intuitions accordingly.

widen the scope for searching and evaluating solutions

Not only is the angle of a decision always limited, additionally, we don’t have a sufficient consciousness of this limitation normally. Decisions made on that basis are therefore often flawed. Berlin Alley teaches you techniques to access a wider scope of alternatives and to analyse solutions with more flexibility.

tackle uncertainty and risk

It is essential of decisions to bear uncertainties and, normally, risks. Both often lead to the fear of losing control, to passivity and, only apparently in contradiction, to rashness and activism. However, a checklist against uncertainty and risks can minimize the factual problems of decisions as well as their psychological burdens — to return to you the time and the peace of mind that you need to for other tasks.

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