Working together and sharing information is difficult. We have learned to do it properly; mostly we are just on autopilot while talking with each other. As a result, we accept as a necessity what can be changed: boring talks and meetings (or too many of them), suppressed problems, uninspired projects, time loss and waste of money.[1]


To change that, a practical understanding of communication and group psychology is needed as well as viable methods to apply this knowledge at the workplace. Berlin Alley provides you with all you need to help you grow a climate of collaboration and establish a smooth and steady knowledge flow. In our talks and workshops


… you gain insights into the psychology of group work and communication: their mechanisms, obstacles and possible improvements.


… you learn how to improve meetings and give concise talks by applying clear rules, tools and insights – for smarter responses, inspired attendees and to save time.


… you are provided with efficient techniques of information design and rhetorics – to make your point reliably, to convince and, if necessary, to persuade – in presentations, emails and conversations.


… you will be assisted to develop a team culture characterized by trust, seamless cooperation and a tolerance for errors that creates meaning, activates employees and reduces churn.

For more details, please take a look at our workshop or kindly contact us. We are happy to help.


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[1] According to Debra Hamilton, miscommunication costs companies on average 4.500$ per employee a year. For similar numbers cf. David Grossmann’s article about waste caused by miscommunication. [↑]