There is too much information around. Getting one’s point across in the noise of media and meetings is an increasingly difficult task. Today, information has to be designed to flow: words and graphics have to be well put to share your knowledge reliably. Berlin Alley offers expert advice on the information design of your



When it comes to presenting, we normally stick to a standard that everyone seems to use while forgetting how we would feel as our own audience. Thus, most presentations end up boring, confusing or bland. But it is actually quite easy to be good at giving a talk. Berlin Alley shows you how to prepare and structure your talk, which media you should use, how to deal with anxiety and all the hacks and secrets of giving a presentation that makes a difference.

Pitch decks & PowerPoint decks

A great pitch needs a great pitch deck and a great presentation needs a great Powerpoint deck. Berlin Alley helps you design the information flow of your decks – to make sure you get everything across: clearly, precisely and without waste. Here is an example of a successful pitch deck we revised and here an annotated example of a PowerPoint slide we have improved.

All forms of publications

You need to make sure the information on your website is flowing or that your texts are precise and easy to understand? Drawing on our experience in writing, information design and argumentation we assist you in getting your point across.


We all are part of the digital revolution. But navigating a business in our disruptive times can be intimidating. To succeed, acute awareness of its possibilities and pitfalls are crucial as well as knowing how big data becomes smart one. Berlin Alley assists you to stay on top of things and offers expert guidance on


Turn Big Data into Smart Data

Collecting data is the easy part – turning it into insights the tricky one. Berlin Alley offers ten years of experience with analytics, data visualisation and data science. We assist you in developing concepts and products.

Internet Advertisement

Tracking, personalizing and profiling across difference channels and devices, attribution models – marketing get more and more diverse and offers plenty options for optimization. We help you stay on top of things by explaining all the relevant concepts and enable you to set things up.

Digital business models

Platforms, market places, ICOs, blockchains, AI, new distribution channels, access instead of ownership, elimination of intermediaries, fragmentation of the value chain – all this happens at the same time and startups experiment with new ways of gaining market shares. At Berlin Alley we are digital natives and up to date with the most recent developments. We analyze your enterprise and discuss with you the potentials and threads for your company and how to be ready for the future.

We offer a flexible hourly rate consulting and a day rate.

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We offer a flexible hourly rate consulting and a day rate. Let’s discuss how we can work with you: