A fulfilling workplace where people are highly productive, smoothly cooperating and fully engaged.


An insufficient handling of our talents, needs and limitations in a complex and dynamic world.


Align the work to the people and establish a corporate culture shaped by human-centered work.


Work is usually been seen as something to endure and to complain about – an activity of getting tired, stressed or bored. With the arrival of the digital age and its diversity and pace this situation has only worsened. Demands for more productivity have multiplied.

However, working longer, thinking harder, stressing ourselves more is not the solution – we are overwhelmed already. Luckily, the digital age not only needs but also allows for a new way of managing work. A work that respects the talents, needs and limitations of people. A work where work and life are not only in balance, but where fulfillment and what we do for a living complement each other.


This change is made possible by two things: First, by decades of research focussing on management, workflows and the practical demands of companies and people; second, by the experiences successful companies have made while adapting to the new economy.


Berlin Alley has assessed this knowledge and developed practical methods to foster well-rounded individuals, employees who are alert, perceptive and engaged: committed to their work and highly contributing to the success of their company as well as to their own well-being.


People are complex. They have a multitude of talents, needs and limitations. Neglecting the resources of individuals like creativity and their own experiences, rejecting their need for purpose and self-development and ignoring their mental and physical limits will lead – not only in the long run – to bad work and dissatisfaction. Only by addressing this complexity of people can their work and comfort be improved.


To achieve this, we draw on the latest research in psychology, management and behavioral sciences, on lean and iterative approaches, on Data Analytics, on the experiences of other successful companies with New Work and, of course, on our own practical experience – to enable a fulfilling productivity for you and your company.

We are also convinced that a corporate culture that fosters human-centered work needs everyone not only to work together but also to work for each other. Authority is not defined by hierarchy but the other way around: Everyone can be a leader when supported by a culture of courage and trust. This is modern leadership. Naturally, this approach unites employees on all levels – like in our workshops and talks.


All these insights, methods and hacks can be applied easily to your workplace. At Berlin Alley we…

promote awareness and recourceful problem solving

Awareness make us more perceptive for the things we do and how we do them. Resourcefulness opens up alternatives and makes us feel at ease and in control. Together, they allow us to respond more easily to changes in our every day work and to find new ways for improvements effortlessly.

help to improve work routines and manage your time more efficiently

Routines are a mixed bag: On the one hand, they are indispensable for helping us to work with little effort by automatizing things, on the other hand they can narrow our perspective and lead to fatal oversights. We need routines, but the right ones. Accordingly, Berlin Alley shows you how to turn bad habits into positive ones.

tackle uncertainty and systematic mistakes in decisions

Decisions are hard to make, mainly because they imply uncertainty or risk. Though research has shown that our intuition is highly susceptible to systematic mistakes, most managers still heavily rely on their guts. Unsurprisingly, even experts seems to fail reliably when it comes to making predicitions. However, intuitions can be designed by realizing its heuristics, improving them and rearranging the choice environment.

improves your mental and physical renewal by showing you how to manage your energies better

It is astonishing how much we compromise our mental and physical fitness by sleeping or resting in a wrong way – and how often we are not directly aware of it. Berlin Alley explains how renewal works and how to replenish your energies for optimal performance and well-being.

enhance group work and knowledge flow

Working together and sharing information is difficult. Miscommunication wastes enormous amounts of money and and group work mostly underperforms, especially when it comes to innovation and change. To prevent this, Berlin Alley gives you insights into the psychology of group work, shows you how to cooperate more effectively and coaches you in presenting information smoothly.

attends to procrastination, motivation and purpose

Procrastination is harmful to our goals, wasting time, energy and other resources – ours and our company’s. With Berlin Alley, you will learn how to increase your willpower, structure your work, be more motivated and work more efficiently towards your goals and the goals of your company.

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Let’s discuss how we can work with you!