The following slide was part of a job application. Before Berlin Alley reworked the whole deck, the slide looked like this:

Several things had to be improved:


Misleading numbers – The way the percentages are presented suggests they have to be summed up vertically. Actually, they are each relative to a horizontal 100 percent, i.e. a workforce of 46% women versus 54% of men.


Misleading graphics – The pyramidal shape suggests that the percentages correlate with the area while in fact they don’t.


Graphical waste – The gradient contains no information (also, it looks pretty much like from the 90s) and should therefore be removed.


Informational waste – A slide number has no (beneficial) effect whatsoever and should to be removed.


Readability – The contrast between the points at the bottom is low and might cause problems to see the difference between them, especially on bad projectors.


Unprofessional typeface – This is just a detail, but Arial looks a bit amateurish and should be substituted with a more professional font.


Overall arrangement of the information – The placement of all elements was a bit noisy and was therefore also redone.


After the redesign, the slide looked like this:

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Let’s discuss how we can work with you!