Today’s work can rely less and less on routines. To keep up, to avoid oversights and to evolve we need to be alert, attentive and resourceful. Accordingly, proactive thinking is the mindset of actively coming up with ideas, adjustments and new solutions. This workshop shows how proactive thinking empowers, enriches as well as simplifies your work and how easily it is implemented. The main questions are:

What are the ways and workings of a proactive mind?

Participants will receive a thorough understanding of proactiveness as being attentive, aware, resourceful and to take action. The corresponding abilities to focus, to experience, to come up with new ideas and the readiness to act will be explained followed by ways of implementing them into everyday work and the corporate culture.

What are the obstacles to our abilities to focus, to think around the corner and to act accordingly?

Proactiveness faces a lot of obstacles, like distraction, digital dementia, cognitive biases, poor imagination, procrastination, a bad work environment and a lack of mental fitness and health. Participants will learn to identify the psychological mechanisms behind these obstacles and see how most of them are unconsciously affecting focus, creativity and confidence.

Which methods, tools and hacks help us to become proactive?

Participants are taught methods to effectively establish a proactive mindset, including Berlin Alleyʼs toolbox for Incuplay, efficient practices in mindfulness and awareness, tips for dealing with cognitive biases and for developing more confidence – and plenty of advice regarding schedules and routines for keeping mind and body fit, alert and flexible.

The workshop is preceded by a discussion about the individual needs of you and your company. It offers insights, examples and practical excercises. Participants will receive the certificate Proactive Thinker. Lunch, snacks and course materials are included as well as a lot of fun.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Employees on all levels (Why for everyone?)
DURATION: 5 hours
LANGUAGE: English or German
NEXT EVENT: Berlin, January 2018 or on demand

Join our regular workshop or tell us if you are interested in a custom workshop for your company:


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Join our regular workshop or tell us if you are interested in a custom workshop for your company: